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Scale First, Grow Second

This is not only our guiding principal, but also the core philosophy applied to all of our programming. No matter what stage your business is in, we're here to help propel you beyond boundaries.

Scale First, Grow Second

Peer Group Masterclass

InspireYou's Scale First, Grow Second Group Masterclass is our most transformational offering, designed to elevate both your personal and professional life, propelling your business to new heights. This year-long course is hosted through the InspireYou Community Network and provides a supportive PEER Group environment for growth and learning.

The program covers a comprehensive range of topics, including mindset and health, core values and mission statements, organizational charts, contract structures, sales training, systems and processes, financial literacy, leadership, company culture, and strategic planning, among others. You'll benefit from 24 annual calls, each lasting an hour and held virtually via Zoom. Additionally, you'll receive supporting worksheets, contract examples, free access to the InspireYou Community, and a 20% discount on events.

Scale First, Grow Second equips you with essential skills and knowledge, offering an incremental approach to scaling your business. Note that cancellations require a 60-day written notice. Join us and transform your business journey today!

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Our 4 Pillars of Focus

When it comes to the business growth market, there truly is no other option quite like us. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled training that equips you with the skills necessary to consistently achieve elite level results.

Through our focused and in-depth approach, we dive deep into these four pillars, ensuring that you have the knowledge and expertise to succeed day in and day out. With our unique and proven strategies, you'll be able to navigate the ever-changing landscape of business growth with confidence and precision.

Trust us to guide you on your path to success.


The foundation of success lies in the right mindset. It serves as the primary pillar upon which all our accomplishments are built. Our focus is on transforming individual mindsets to embrace abundance, growth, and ownership, while also helping you define your personal mission and core values.


We delve into leadership essentials, starting with crafting a mission statement and core values. This leads to outlining leadership tasks, job functions, and organizational structure. The spotlight is on sales, introducing the P2P (Person-to-Person) method, underscoring the importance of personal connections for business success. The goal is to offer a brief yet comprehensive view of leadership, organizational dynamics, and a strategic, people-centric sales approach.


Here, we present a visual and verbal approach to process development, aiding in the identification of crucial areas such as Sales, Operations, Admin, and Safety that require effective processes. Additionally, we employ a systematic "leaders ladder" method for career advancement, outlining a structured promotion system within the organization.


This pillar details a strategic plan involving Overhead Recovery by division, emphasizing Hourly Cost Recovery. We guide you in translating this information into targeted budgets, further converting budgets into sales plans and growth strategies. The financial plan also extends seamlessly into purchasing and growth plans, creating a comprehensive framework for strategic financial management.

The InspireYou Community

A platform for learning, growth, and success - without all the noise

In a vast landscape of resources, platforms, coaches, and methodologies dedicated to business growth and success, we've delved deep into the multitude, not just as researchers but as learners and experiencers. What did we uncover through this journey? A collective need for a grounded and practical approach—a common-sense guide to implementing skills and practices that propel success swiftly.

Thus, the InspireYou Community was born, designed to distill the essence of our insights and experiences into actionable courses and teachings. We understand the urgency of growth, and our community serves as a dynamic space where wisdom meets pragmatism, where lessons learned are transformed into tangible strategies. Join us on this transformative journey, where your success story is not just an aspiration but a shared reality we strive to cultivate together.