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Meet Our Team

Our dynamic leaders, each with unique backgrounds, bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table. Their diverse expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to coaching, guiding individuals toward success and fulfillment.


Scott Lesak, CSP

Builder of Elite Teams | Motivator | Investor

Dedicated leader with a passion for fostering positive lifestyles and building successful teams. From founding the award-winning Kasel Rocks Landscape Company to guiding others in business, real estate, and wealth creation, Scott is committed to making a lasting impact. As an active industry leader and through companies like InspireYou and Kasel Rocks, Scott delivers keynotes, leadership training, and coaching, aspiring to influence and inspire over 1 billion people.

With a strong foundation in leadership from busy fire departments, he rose through the ranks, focusing on training programs, incident command, and team leadership. Family is the top priority, and together with his wife, they instill a growth mindset in their three children. Balancing work with hobbies like fly fishing, mountain biking, and golf keeps Scott grounded and enriches his family life. 

Andy Lakatosh

Olympic Caliber Coach & Athlete | Innovator |Entrepreneur 

With over 25 years of experience in high-performance athletics, coaching, and event production, I've cultivated a unique skill set for leadership and innovation in business. As the Chief Operating Officer at InspireYou, LLC, I guide businesses through practical and efficient implementation of proven growth models, emphasizing a 'Scale First, Grow Second' approach.

Leveraging my strong work ethic, problem-solving mindset, attention to detail, and tactical execution ability, I enhance sales and market expansion strategies, CRM processes, and high-level client relationships. My mission is to share knowledge and success with like-minded individuals, helping them level up their businesses and lives. With a warrior mindset, I strive to be the support others need to achieve their goals.

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